Security of IPSKY Charging Data Cable

For the safety of IPSKY data cable, try to choose copper cores. The advantage of the all-copper core mobile phone charging cable is that it can greatly improve the charging rate of the battery of the mobile phone charging cable. Taking into account the requirements of many emergency and emergency power conditions, in the fast-paced modern society, the high efficiency of the battery charging of the bright flashlight must also be improved. In addition, in the entire process of transmitting current, the characteristics of the copper core copper core cable are more stable and safe, and the battery is not easy to burn and heat when charging, which greatly reduces the probability of safety accidents.

The processing material of the socket is also very important. The USB interface must have a relatively strong aspect ratio. The sockets of many counterfeit mobile phone charging cables look particularly sensitive, and there is no guarantee for the safety hazards of battery charging. A good third-party mobile phone charging cable is not easy. Generally, they are concerned about the hidden dangers of battery charging and deliberately strengthen the socket.

For example, the USB port of this mobile phone charging cable is a high-quality TPE fixed-line socket. Compared with the material of the Apple interface, it feels stronger and is not easy to lose. Finally, the main consideration is the full range of materials. Why pay attention to materials? Only good wiring materials can guarantee the dielectric strength and are more wear-resistant and durable.

So, to sum up, the current mobile phones consume fast power and the battery recharges frequently. When buying a data cable, you must also learn to be vigilant and choose a reliable and safe third-party mobile phone charging cable, especially if there is no quality assurance, you do not need to buy some fake mobile phone charging cables to avoid battery charging accidents.

5a fast charging magnetic 3 in 1 cables

Little Knowledge of Mobile Phone Data Cable Charger

The slow charging of mobile phones is naturally the cause of the charging head and charging cable, and has nothing to do with the mobile phone battery. Generally, the output current of the charging head of the used smart phone is at least 1.5A and the output voltage is 5V. This kind of charging head does not have the function of fast charging due to its large rated value and small output current. The little knowledge of IPSKY mobile phone data line charger, it can not charge the mobile phone in a short time, but all normal battery charging applications on smart phones can be considered.

If you have to buy a 5A/5V charging head on other smart phones, you must find out whether fast charging is suitable for your smart phone and whether the current input from the original charging head is appropriate. If your phone is not compatible with fast charging, then you can’t buy this kind of high-power charging head, so as not to burn the phone’s battery.

If the charging cable on this kind of mobile phone is used on a smart phone, the battery charging rate will be extremely slow. When we look at the phone while charging the battery, the power of the phone will even continue to drop. Without the application of mobile phone battery charging, the battery power of the mobile phone is increased, but the battery charging rate is very slow.

If the output power of the charging head is large and suitable for fast charging, then you will choose a 5A charging cable; if the output power of the charging head is reduced, then you can choose a 2A charging cable, naturally you can also choose a 5A charging cable. Because the current resistance value of the 5A charging cable is smaller, the allowable current is larger, which is more conducive to charging your mobile phone battery, and the charging head is more expensive.

At present, the versatility of charging cable charging ports on smart phones is generally divided into two types: tablet ports and square ports that are plugged into the phone on both front and rear sides. We can effectively purchase them according to the model specifications.

5a fast charging magnetic 3 in 1 cables
14th magnetic charging cable 540°rotate

Trendy Design of Tongyinhai 540 Degree Rotating Charging Data Cable

The mobile phone charging cable is the least advantageous item in the mobile phone packaging box. But in peacetime, whether it is stable and strong is extremely critical. Shenzhen Tongyinhai Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.: How to select Tongyinhai 540 degree rotating charging data cable, which mobile phone data lines are called good mobile phone data lines?

First of all, the mobile phone charging cable is divided into two parts: internal ‘cable’ and external ‘insulation layer’. For internal cables (electrical conductors), the thicker the better. Because the thicker the cable, the greater the current that can be used, and the faster the battery will charge.

In addition, the more cost-effective mobile phone charging cable will continue to be covered with aluminum foil shielding and braided with metal materials to make the entire process of battery charging and transmission more stable. Therefore, a good mobile phone charging cable will be thicker.

The longer the data line of the mobile phone, the greater the line resistance and the greater the current loss. Therefore, in fact, the fewer charging cables, the higher the battery charging efficiency. In addition, a too long mobile phone charging cable will generate error codes due to routing noise, which will endanger the data transmission speed.

The key part of the mobile phone charging cable socket is composed of a shell and metal shrapnel. The current popular Tongyinhai 540 degree rotating mobile phone data cable is coated with a thin layer of gold on the metal shrapnel, which can extend the service life of the Tongyinhai mobile phone data cable and prevent the air oxidation of the metal shrapnel from causing # battery charging and transmission unstable. Many people must often use different sockets to charge the batteries of machines and equipment.

14th magnetic charging cable 540°rotate
10000 magsafe Power Bank

With This Fast Charging Magsafe Wireless Power Bank, You Can Leave The Money For The Data Line

Everyone in the contemporary city is a giant baby under technology, possessing diverse and multifunctional electronic devices. To

Regarding power, it is always the pain point of these devices. When the device is fully charged, I feel like I am sitting on the whole world.

When the device is out of power, sorry, what use do I want in this world? The hottest Tucao charging joke on the Internet is…

>About the embarrassment of charging, there are probably as many as one hundred per person.

“A laptop adapter is always huge, and a computer plus an adapter is always a burden that life cannot bear.”

“On the day when I go out to work, there are computer chargers/mobile phone chargers/tablet chargers in the bag, and the chargers give all my life.”

“The computer will run out of power if the plan you just made when you go out to a meeting is not saved! You have to do it again!”

“After working overtime at night, I took a taxi and didn’t wait until the car, and the phone was out of power! Does God want me to go home?”

“I missed my girlfriend’s check-up call when my mobile phone was out of power. I can’t imagine the result after I got home!”

The charging dream of contemporary people is to travel gracefully without burden, and to charge easily,

Efficient charging capacity is full, calm and calm is very compelling. Magsafe 10000mAh wireless magnetic power bank, the perfect combination of function and beauty, solves the charging problem when you are away from home.

Why choose a portable power bank? If you go out and use a power bank that is too heavy, you can understand it. A power bank with a small capacity is lighter, but the battery is used up before the phone is fully charged.

The large-capacity power bank is very heavy, and carrying it all the way becomes a burden.

The Magsafe 10000mAh wireless fast charging power bank takes into account both large capacity and lightness. It can not only reduce the burden when going out, but also facilitate the battery life of the mobile phone.

The body of this power bank is as thin as 14mm and weighs only 200g, which is about the same size as the iPhone X. It is very lightweight when held in your hand, I love it!

Different from ordinary power banks, wireless charging technology is added to smartly identify the mobile phone for charging, which is simply too convenient, and you will never be afraid of the situation that you forget to bring the data cable with the power bank.

When it is inconvenient to use the data cable, you can charge it with a light touch, and the desktop is no longer messy.

Triple fast charging, multi-device output without pressure, not only wireless charging, dual 2.0A fast charging ports, charging three mobile phones at the same time without pressure.

In a certain context, the power bank is even a social lubricant.

When someone else’s mobile phone runs out of power, you take out a power bank and help generously, which will increase mutual affection.

In addition to being light enough and professional enough, this is also a ‘smart’ smart power bank.

Some friends don’t like to use the power bank to charge, because the power charged into the mobile phone by the power bank is not durable, it is virtual power, and the power of the mobile phone is quickly used up. This charging method will also damage the mobile phone battery. Reduce the service life of mobile phone batteries. To

Magsafe mobile power will not have such a problem. It adopts high-quality batteries and intelligent frequency division technology, which can adapt to the current required by the mobile phone. It is fully charged with real power, and the power is durable and does not damage the phone.

8 safety protections will escort you and let you recharge with peace of mind.

I often see news about power bank explosions. The safety of power banks is very important. Magsafe mobile power has overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overpower, overvoltage, temperature, short circuit and electromagnetic field protection, so that you can use it. Very relieved.

All electronic devices on the market are compatible: tablets, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, vivo, oppo, Meizu and other products can all be used.

It meets the wearing standards of civil aviation and will accompany intimately throughout the journey.

Although this mobile power bank is fascinating by its strength, it is undeniable that its appearance is also at a glance!

Aesthetic texture design, simple shape does not require any extra decoration, looks elegant and unique, comfortable to hold, non-slip and scratch-resistant, and the quality is impeccable.

10000 magsafe Power Bank

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What Kind Of Charger Is Good For iPhone12? Recommended For iPhone12 Wireless Charger Products

The iPhone 12 mobile phone was officially released on October 14. Apple announced at the press conference that it is considering environmental protection and this year’s new iPhone 12 series will not provide a charging head configuration in the package. So what charger should I choose to charge iPhone 12? Today I have sorted out some wireless charging series that support the PD fast charging protocol for iPhone phones, please refer to it!
Today we recommend two charging products, namely wireless powerbank and wireless charger.
Recommended wireless power bank: 4000MAH WIRELESS MAGNETIC POWER BANK – PB-W4000M1.

Product highlights: Comes with an invisible viewing stand, uses a magnetic charging method, and has a thin and durable design.
To say that the best-selling wireless power bank on the market should be the Internet celebrity W4000M1 wireless power bank. Recently, the W4000M1 wireless power bank has been rated as the representative brand of fashion power bank by major media, and it has been recognized by many Internet celebrities and travel experts. People, sports experts, and digital experts love to recommend a power bank that users can’t put it down!
The main reason why the W4000M1 wireless power bank is so popular is that it is particularly cost-effective. The second is that it not only makes the volume small and light, but also takes into account the large capacity of 4000 mAh. It also supports 5W wireless output, which completely subverts the power bank industry. , Heavy, big, ugly and slow charging image. If ‘lightweight, practical, durable, and easy to carry’ are the reasons why users choose W4000M1 wireless power bank, then the strict military-grade standard production system is its guarantee of high quality. W4000M1 wireless power bank regardless of performance configuration , Appearance design, feel, etc., all belong to the excellent product line in the wireless power bank market.


magsafe magnetic attachable-wireless-charger-for-iphone 12 15w fast charging

Product highlights: compact design and easy to carry. The material is made of tempered mirror and aluminum alloy metal, which is fashionable and improves the charging speed.
WC-07 is a wireless charging product in the true sense. The 15W wireless charging speed and magnetic design enhance the user experience. The charging speed of previous wireless charging products will be increased by 2 times.

The two wireless charging products introduced today are the latest ones, and you can buy them according to your needs.

5a fast charging magnetic- in 1 cables

How to Improve the Charging Speed of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a very important part of our lives. We need to use them anytime and anywhere. Nowadays, smart phones are not particularly durable, so charging has become a must in our daily life, as if we have to eat. When it comes to charging, you have to talk about its charging speed. For different models of mobile phones, the charging speed of mobile phones is different. One reason is that the battery capacity is different, and the other is the data cable and adapter support. The charging protocol is different. So there is a difference between fast charging and slow charging.
We all want the battery to be fully charged as soon as possible. We don’t want the charging process to take up too much time. The question is how to charge it? There are two factors that affect the charging speed
1. The battery capacity, the battery capacity is designed when the phone leaves the factory, we cannot change this.
2. The fast charging protocol supported by mobile phones. Nowadays, the mobile phones in the market are popular with fast charging function, but the speed is different. Generally, the original data cable and the original adapter support fast charging, but the data cable is also easy to lose, so again It is expensive to buy an original data cable. The 5A high-current data cable I will introduce today has the same charging speed as the original data cable and has a high cost performance. It is 5A FAST CHARGING MAGNETIC 3 IN 1 CABLES.

5a fast charging magnetic- in 1 cables

IPSKY M11PD 100W New Data Cable is Officially Launched

The first release of M11PD (Type C to Type C), supports 100W power fast charging, up to 480Mbps data transmission rate, adapts to PD2.0 fast charging protocol, and fully adapts to the high-speed transmission speed of notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and other products.

1. Support 100W power fast charge
A PD data cable that supports multi-protocol high-power fast charging and high data transmission rate with a fast-charging charger will give your device a stop and boost.
The M11PD data cable supports most of the fast charging protocols such as PD3.0/QC2.0/FCP/AFC, covering mainstream brand mobile phones, and can provide faster battery charging for the device by matching with a fast charging charger. The data cable supports a high current of 20V/5A and a fast charge of 100W, providing strong power support for a variety of Type-C devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles.

2. Support 480Mbps data transmission
The M11PD data cable uses a thicker copper core, which has smaller loss and more stable transmission. The built-in intelligent protection chip can prevent overcharging from damaging the device. The data transfer rate can reach 480Mbps, easily transfer files between devices, enjoy the convenience of speed, and charge while data is being transferred. In addition, the USB-C interface supports free blind plugging, plug-and-play, effectively reduce the damage of the entire structure, and support fast charging for both positive and negative use, enhancing the actual use experience.

3. M11PD uses nylon wire, and the joints are protected by soft rubber, which has strong toughness, resistance to bending, and is strong and not easy to break. The 1.8m standard cable length, length and LOGO can be customized to meet the needs of charging, and the length of the cable can be adjusted freely according to the charging needs to provide a more tidy charging environment.

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IPSKY Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is Born for Mobile Phone Charging

As a iphone user, battery life problems are almost commonplace. The battery life and battery capacity of the iPhone have always been unsatisfactory, so almost every iPhone user should bring a power bank with them. So here comes the problem. Most power banks on the market have Micro-USB or Type-C input ports, and iPhone needs Lightning data cables, so you need to bring at least two data cables, which is not only troublesome but also easy to carry wrong data. line.

Some people say that there is a clip-on charging case on the market, buy a set! I really tried it, and it was fine when charging. Once I don’t need to charge, my bloated figure makes my iPhone XR a brick. I also tried a wireless power bank, but there is no connection between the mobile phone and the power bank, which is not convenient to carry, and the friction between the two smooth surfaces is very small. The power bank is okay, if the phone is dropped The gain is not worth the loss. Is there no perfect solution? Until-IPSKY  magnetic back clip power bank

Two-in-one magnetic back clip power bank IPSKY solves the biggest feature of portable charging!

Elegant appearance, light and portable

When I got this product for the first time, I thought it was another clip-on power bank, which was not uncommon. After opening it, I found the difference. The two-in-one marked on the original box means that the power bank and the phone case are detachable designs. In terms of appearance, my model is designed with a marble pattern. The combination of deep color and glass reflective material is low-key and beautiful, while the irregular design pattern of marble adds a touch of beauty. It is also an excellent mobile phone case in the hand.

In terms of size, when the phone case is used alone, it feels good. Even if the wireless charging part is installed, the entire part of the phone can be controlled with one hand, whether it is making a call or returning a message. Walk and hold it in your hand, while charging with one hand, you can hold your beloved with the other.

The most eye-catching design of the entire product is a modular solution. The mobile phone case and the wireless charging back clip are two separable and combinable modules. You can use the mobile phone case when you don’t need to charge, and it looks elegant; once it appears When the battery is in crisis, take out the part of the charging back clip and gently approach the phone case to automatically adsorb and charge. Say goodbye to the shackles of the data cable, and also say goodbye to the problem of traditional wireless power banks that are not conducive to carrying.

The power bank part uses the Type-C input interface, which can be plugged in both front and back, which is very convenient. The four indicators at the bottom indicate the remaining power. The power bank of the iPhone XR in my hand is 4000mAh, and the battery capacity of the iPhone XR is 2942mAh, which can theoretically be charged 1.5 times, which is sufficient for emergency situations.

IPSKY’s polishing of charging technology over the years has made the safety performance of this wireless power bank almost unnecessary. The blessing of the smart chip can achieve multiple protections such as overcharge, overdischarge, overvoltage, and short circuit, making your wireless charging convenient and safe.

This power bank from IPSKY supports the Qi protocol that is commonly used in wireless charging, so not only can you charge your iPhone XR, but if your friend’s mobile phone is out of power when you go out, you can use it as long as it supports the Qi wireless charging protocol. Loan the part of the wireless charging treasure to him. Of course, relying on the adsorption function of the phone case can not be used.

This two-in-one magnetic wireless charging back shell from IPSKY realizes a variety of uses for one product: exquisite mobile phone case, back clip battery that can be attached to the back of the phone, wireless power bank that can be loaned to friends. From now on, you don’t have to worry about bringing the wrong data cable, and you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of the wireless power bank. Enjoy wireless charging anytime, anywhere

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4 in 1 magnetic finger power bank

IPSKY Innovative Design Mini 4 in 1 Magnetic Power Bank

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We need to use it anytime, anywhere, but in case the phone runs out of power, it will be very inconvenient. Therefore, a mobile power bank was developed to meet the needs of mobile phone charging. Today, the power bank has a new design. It is an IPSKY mini 4 in 1 magnetic power bank, which is convenient for charging, light and portable, and does not take up space. The features of this thumb power bank are as follows:

1. The appearance is cool, compact and cool
The IPSKY Magnetic Capsule Power Bank adopts a mother-in-person portable design. 1 power bank base can charge 4 mini finger power banks at the same time. Both the base of the power bank and the 4 mini power banks can charge the device, so there are 5 power banks in total. There are four magnetic suction ports on the front of the base to absorb the capsule power bank for charging. This design is cool and convenient. There is a power switch button and LED indicator on the front end of the base. The indicator will light up when the power is turned on or the power bank is charged. The capsule power bank is compact and cool due to its compact design, which is convenient to carry when you need to charge it urgently. It is an indispensable magic weapon for you.

2. Capacity of power bank
The capacity of the base power bank is 8000mAh, and the 4 finger power banks are 1200mAh each, so the total storage power is 12800mAh, which is sufficient for our daily use,

3. Magnetic design of mini power bank
The output and input connectors of the mini power bank are designed with magnetic attraction, as long as they are close to the base of the main power supply, it will be firmly attached to the charging, which can get rid of the trouble of using the data cable to charge, and is convenient for daily charging. It can be used to charge all smart phones, and the interface can be equipped with 3 types of magnetic connectors, namely Lighting, Micro-USB, and Type-C. In addition, each power bank has a heart-warming design with a power switch key and an LED charging indicator.

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retractable 3 in 1 cable

Innovative Data Charging Cable – Retractable 3 in 1 Cable

With the progress of the times and the development of technology, everything is only to make our lives more convenient. Convenience has become our goal, and today we will introduce an innovative data cable – retractable 3 in 1 cable. Its retractable design details are the main feature of the product, easy to organize and carry, and the overall experience is excellent. The characteristic details of this data cable are shown in the following points:
1. 3 in 1 design
This data cable adopts a 3-in-1 design to realize that one data cable can charge multiple mobile phones, and can charge 3 mobile phones at the same time, and the charging speed between each other is very fast, corresponding to Micro, Type-C, Lightning interface charging. So when we go out, we can share charging with friends as long as we carry a data cable. We only need a charging head adapter, which does not occupy the space of the power strip, saving space and time.

2. Telescopic function design
In the detailed processing of the retractable data cable, it perfectly solves the phenomenon that the charging cable is easy to be wound. The charging cable is modeled on the design principle of a tape measure, which is flexible and easy to carry. And you can choose the length of the charging cable, which solves the problem of too long or too short charging cables.

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retractable 3 in 1 cable