Introduction of CE Certification for Magnetic Power Bank

Europe is a market where all products are in circulation, but the quality standards of products in each country are different, so the EU implements the certification CE certification for the circulation of products in Europe. It is the basic safety requirement for products that does not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, not just the quality requirements of the product itself, so the CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark, and it is also regarded as opened and entered Europe The passport of the market.
Magnetic wireless charging products are no exception, they must be marked with the CE mark before being sold to the European market, and magnetic wireless charging is a wireless remote control product, so it must comply with the RED directive RED 2014/53/EU requirements. This policy sets the legal framework for all wireless technology products. The basic definition requirements are health and safety, electromagnetic compatibility and effective use of radio frequencies.
European consumers are also more inclined to products with the CE mark, and products with this mark can avoid the following risks:
The risk of being detained and investigated by the customs;

Risks investigated and dealt with by market surveillance agencies;

Risk of accusation by peers for competitive purposes.

RED is a directive in the CE certification. All wireless electronic products entering the EU market must be RED. Compared with ordinary products, RED is more complicated to do CE. Ordinary CE only has two reports, LVD and EMC.

Magnetic wireless charging products require 4 CE reports, 1 RF (EN300417), 1 EMC (EN301489-1/-17), 1 health assessment (EN62479), 1 LVD (EN 62368), and a certificate.

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