4 in 1 magnetic finger power bank

IPSKY Innovative Design Mini 4 in 1 Magnetic Power Bank

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We need to use it anytime, anywhere, but in case the phone runs out of power, it will be very inconvenient. Therefore, a mobile power bank was developed to meet the needs of mobile phone charging. Today, the power bank has a new design. It is an IPSKY mini 4 in 1 magnetic power bank, which is convenient for charging, light and portable, and does not take up space. The features of this thumb power bank are as follows:

1. The appearance is cool, compact and cool
The IPSKY Magnetic Capsule Power Bank adopts a mother-in-person portable design. 1 power bank base can charge 4 mini finger power banks at the same time. Both the base of the power bank and the 4 mini power banks can charge the device, so there are 5 power banks in total. There are four magnetic suction ports on the front of the base to absorb the capsule power bank for charging. This design is cool and convenient. There is a power switch button and LED indicator on the front end of the base. The indicator will light up when the power is turned on or the power bank is charged. The capsule power bank is compact and cool due to its compact design, which is convenient to carry when you need to charge it urgently. It is an indispensable magic weapon for you.

2. Capacity of power bank
The capacity of the base power bank is 8000mAh, and the 4 finger power banks are 1200mAh each, so the total storage power is 12800mAh, which is sufficient for our daily use,

3. Magnetic design of mini power bank
The output and input connectors of the mini power bank are designed with magnetic attraction, as long as they are close to the base of the main power supply, it will be firmly attached to the charging, which can get rid of the trouble of using the data cable to charge, and is convenient for daily charging. It can be used to charge all smart phones, and the interface can be equipped with 3 types of magnetic connectors, namely Lighting, Micro-USB, and Type-C. In addition, each power bank has a heart-warming design with a power switch key and an LED charging indicator.

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