IPSKY Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is Born for Mobile Phone Charging

As a iphone user, battery life problems are almost commonplace. The battery life and battery capacity of the iPhone have always been unsatisfactory, so almost every iPhone user should bring a power bank with them. So here comes the problem. Most power banks on the market have Micro-USB or Type-C input ports, and iPhone needs Lightning data cables, so you need to bring at least two data cables, which is not only troublesome but also easy to carry wrong data. line.

Some people say that there is a clip-on charging case on the market, buy a set! I really tried it, and it was fine when charging. Once I don’t need to charge, my bloated figure makes my iPhone XR a brick. I also tried a wireless power bank, but there is no connection between the mobile phone and the power bank, which is not convenient to carry, and the friction between the two smooth surfaces is very small. The power bank is okay, if the phone is dropped The gain is not worth the loss. Is there no perfect solution? Until-IPSKY  magnetic back clip power bank

Two-in-one magnetic back clip power bank IPSKY solves the biggest feature of portable charging!

Elegant appearance, light and portable

When I got this product for the first time, I thought it was another clip-on power bank, which was not uncommon. After opening it, I found the difference. The two-in-one marked on the original box means that the power bank and the phone case are detachable designs. In terms of appearance, my model is designed with a marble pattern. The combination of deep color and glass reflective material is low-key and beautiful, while the irregular design pattern of marble adds a touch of beauty. It is also an excellent mobile phone case in the hand.

In terms of size, when the phone case is used alone, it feels good. Even if the wireless charging part is installed, the entire part of the phone can be controlled with one hand, whether it is making a call or returning a message. Walk and hold it in your hand, while charging with one hand, you can hold your beloved with the other.

The most eye-catching design of the entire product is a modular solution. The mobile phone case and the wireless charging back clip are two separable and combinable modules. You can use the mobile phone case when you don’t need to charge, and it looks elegant; once it appears When the battery is in crisis, take out the part of the charging back clip and gently approach the phone case to automatically adsorb and charge. Say goodbye to the shackles of the data cable, and also say goodbye to the problem of traditional wireless power banks that are not conducive to carrying.

The power bank part uses the Type-C input interface, which can be plugged in both front and back, which is very convenient. The four indicators at the bottom indicate the remaining power. The power bank of the iPhone XR in my hand is 4000mAh, and the battery capacity of the iPhone XR is 2942mAh, which can theoretically be charged 1.5 times, which is sufficient for emergency situations.

IPSKY’s polishing of charging technology over the years has made the safety performance of this wireless power bank almost unnecessary. The blessing of the smart chip can achieve multiple protections such as overcharge, overdischarge, overvoltage, and short circuit, making your wireless charging convenient and safe.

This power bank from IPSKY supports the Qi protocol that is commonly used in wireless charging, so not only can you charge your iPhone XR, but if your friend’s mobile phone is out of power when you go out, you can use it as long as it supports the Qi wireless charging protocol. Loan the part of the wireless charging treasure to him. Of course, relying on the adsorption function of the phone case can not be used.

This two-in-one magnetic wireless charging back shell from IPSKY realizes a variety of uses for one product: exquisite mobile phone case, back clip battery that can be attached to the back of the phone, wireless power bank that can be loaned to friends. From now on, you don’t have to worry about bringing the wrong data cable, and you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of the wireless power bank. Enjoy wireless charging anytime, anywhere

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