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Three Mainstream Data Cable USB Connector – Micro Type-C Lightning

The data cable connector has developed from 1994 to the present USB4.0. The process has gone through 25 years. Not only has the transmission speed increased, but the interface has also shown diversified results.
Nowadays, the connector of the data cable – usb interface forms a three-thirds of the world, namely Micro usb, type-c, and lightning.
The Micro-usb connector is the most familiar interface to everyone. It is also the connector most used in the early days. It is not only used on mobile phones, but also used in most electronic digital products, such as Bluetooth headsets, power banks, and so on. Micro-usb was formed in September 2007 and announced a global unified mobile phone charger interface standard through OMPT, which can carry out charging, audio and data transmission.

android micro usb connector

The Lightning connector is a new interface introduced in Apple’s 5th generation mobile phone, with 8 wires built in. Its advantage lies in its compact size, support for positive and negative plugging, fast data transmission, and higher recognition in appearance compared to other interfaces in the same period.

ios lightning connector

The Type-C connector was formally formed in 2014, with 24 built-in wires, which can provide a maximum of 20V/5A and a total of 100W of super charging power, which greatly improves the charging efficiency. It has anti-interference effect, supports positive and negative plugging, and supports high-speed transmission of data and video signals, which means that it can be charged and discharged at the same time.

The advantages of Type-C connector are more in line with the needs of the current market. Currently, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, Vivo, oneplus and other branded mobile phone manufacturers generally adopt Type-C interfaces, and they are also applied to more electronic products. Let us wait and see.

android type-c connector

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