water power bank wireless charging

A Power Bank That Can Be Used With A Cup of Hot Water Is Here: It Also Supports Wireless Charging

With the increasingly powerful functions of mobile phones, it has become an indispensable item in daily life, and even many people have developed ‘electric phobia’.

Recently, the Rocket Academy Beijing Neighboring Space Vehicle System Engineering Research Institute has brought you an aerospace black technology, ‘drink more hot water’ to charge your mobile phone, which can be described as both health and entertainment.

Nowadays, mobile phones are almost inseparable from daily life and work. Of course, as the functions of smartphones become more powerful, the battery life is not in the same position compared with previous traditional mobile phones.

With the birth of the power bank, it can be said to be the savior of ‘battery phobia’ for people who are away from home. However, with the popularization of power banks, some unqualified products caught fire, exploded and injured people frequently, which made people scared.

The Rocket Academy has perfectly solved this problem and developed a unique ‘water cup-shaped power bank’ at home and abroad. Just pour hot water into the cup to charge mobile phones, cameras, laptops and other digital products at any time.

As a thermos cup, it is of a moderate size and is just right to carry with you. It adopts double-layer heat insulation cup sleeve and austenitic stainless steel liner. At room temperature, the 6-hour heat preservation effect is above 65℃, and the 6-hour cold preservation effect is below 9℃.

As a power bank, you only need to pour hot water to convert heat energy into electrical energy to charge electronic devices. In addition, by turning the lid over and plugging in the power source, wireless charging can also be performed. Even in the wild, you should start a small fire and boil some hot water to charge your phone.

As an aerospace black technology, it adopts high-performance thermoelectric conversion technology in the aerospace field, and overcomes many problems such as the preparation process of high-performance thermal power generation chip components and the effective temperature difference improvement technology of the chip based on the enhancement of interface thermal conductivity. It solves the root cause Fire and explosion caused by overheating, exposure to the sun, short circuit, etc.

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water power bank wireless charging

What is QI Charging?

The concept of QI Charging is inductive charging, so it has another name called ‘Wireless Charging’. You can charge your device wirelessly, and this feature will become a new trend in power banks. The battery that can be easily compatible with the device is charged by the principle of inductive transmission, which frees the configuration of the data cable and the charging head to charge. This is a milestone in device charging, which facilitates the carrying of charging devices, and there is no need for a separate charger, charging cable or adapter when traveling.

We all know that electromagnetic fields can transfer energy between two individuals. This is the magnetic induction technology in our physics class. The principle of induction charging is the same, and it is now used in real devices.

Magnetic induction is through the interaction of two coils, one at the transmitter end and the other at the receiver end. The coil on the transmitter side generates an alternating current magnetic field, and then the receiver induces a voltage in the magnetic field to charge the device.

The current standard mobile device manufacturers include: Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Meizu, Apple, Samsung, so all devices with the QI logo are compatible with wireless chargers.

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