2 in 1 magnetic power bank set

The Popular Types of Power Banks on the Market

The current mainstream USB mobile power bank types mainly include:

Universal or standard power bank: These are ordinary power bank portable chargers that can be purchased in stores and online. They are charged via ordinary USB sources (such as USB chargers).
Usually our most common power bank is an ordinary USB charger mobile power bank, which can be purchased in 3c electronic product stores.

Ordinary power banks usually need to be charged through the marked USB charger, and the power bank will have a charging status indicator. It usually uses a row of small LED lights or LED digital displays to display the stored power value.

When the power bank is fully charged, the power bank will automatically stop charging, and you can use the power bank to charge other devices at this time. Some power banks may have multiple USB ports, depending on the purpose of the design, it can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Solar power bank: As the name suggests, it can use sunlight to charge. For this reason, photovoltaic panels are necessary devices.
The solar battery can only charge the power bank in sunny conditions. The principle is trick current charging, which is a very useful function.

Wireless power bank: As mobile phones, earplugs and other gadgets now have wireless charging functions, this concept has been adopted by the power bank industry.
Wireless power bank: With the advancement of technology, many devices now have wireless function, and this function has been used in general power bank, it is the current wireless power bank

Up to now, the latest power banks can charge power banks from a standard USB, but they can wirelessly charge phones and other electronic devices compatible with wireless charging.

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