20000mah wireless power bank

The Working Principle of Wireless Charging Power Bank

Wireless charging is undoubtedly a milestone in the world’s charging technology, just like we have just started to use micro usb to charge all devices. After the technology is updated, something new will inevitably appear, that is, wireless charging. Next, I will introduce what is wireless charging and how it works?

To be honest, wireless charging is more convenient than wired micro usb. In fact, it is the same feeling of frustration when you connect the cable to the phone and disconnect the cable and the device when you leave the power bank, and then pick up the cable when you leave. But in terms of convenience, speed and popularity, it is like the sky and the earth.

The working principle of wireless charging is electromagnetic induction. The current in the coil of the power bank generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field induces current in nearby electric coils, which can be caused by false contact. So the wires in the mobile phone are charged in this way.

But this also has some drawbacks. For example, the charging efficiency is not as high as the efficiency of the battery and the battery directly connected, and the efficiency is only about 65%. But in daily use, we only need to make the power bank and the device’s coil side by side to let the electromagnetic wave complete the charging work, this is the simple and core value.

Most of the current smart phone batteries use lithium batteries, which can better deal with energy bursts, and it is more convenient and safer to use with wireless power bank.