10000 magsafe Power Bank

With This Fast Charging Magsafe Wireless Power Bank, You Can Leave The Money For The Data Line

Everyone in the contemporary city is a giant baby under technology, possessing diverse and multifunctional electronic devices. To

Regarding power, it is always the pain point of these devices. When the device is fully charged, I feel like I am sitting on the whole world.

When the device is out of power, sorry, what use do I want in this world? The hottest Tucao charging joke on the Internet is…

>About the embarrassment of charging, there are probably as many as one hundred per person.

“A laptop adapter is always huge, and a computer plus an adapter is always a burden that life cannot bear.”

“On the day when I go out to work, there are computer chargers/mobile phone chargers/tablet chargers in the bag, and the chargers give all my life.”

“The computer will run out of power if the plan you just made when you go out to a meeting is not saved! You have to do it again!”

“After working overtime at night, I took a taxi and didn’t wait until the car, and the phone was out of power! Does God want me to go home?”

“I missed my girlfriend’s check-up call when my mobile phone was out of power. I can’t imagine the result after I got home!”

The charging dream of contemporary people is to travel gracefully without burden, and to charge easily,

Efficient charging capacity is full, calm and calm is very compelling. Magsafe 10000mAh wireless magnetic power bank, the perfect combination of function and beauty, solves the charging problem when you are away from home.

Why choose a portable power bank? If you go out and use a power bank that is too heavy, you can understand it. A power bank with a small capacity is lighter, but the battery is used up before the phone is fully charged.

The large-capacity power bank is very heavy, and carrying it all the way becomes a burden.

The Magsafe 10000mAh wireless fast charging power bank takes into account both large capacity and lightness. It can not only reduce the burden when going out, but also facilitate the battery life of the mobile phone.

The body of this power bank is as thin as 14mm and weighs only 200g, which is about the same size as the iPhone X. It is very lightweight when held in your hand, I love it!

Different from ordinary power banks, wireless charging technology is added to smartly identify the mobile phone for charging, which is simply too convenient, and you will never be afraid of the situation that you forget to bring the data cable with the power bank.

When it is inconvenient to use the data cable, you can charge it with a light touch, and the desktop is no longer messy.

Triple fast charging, multi-device output without pressure, not only wireless charging, dual 2.0A fast charging ports, charging three mobile phones at the same time without pressure.

In a certain context, the power bank is even a social lubricant.

When someone else’s mobile phone runs out of power, you take out a power bank and help generously, which will increase mutual affection.

In addition to being light enough and professional enough, this is also a ‘smart’ smart power bank.

Some friends don’t like to use the power bank to charge, because the power charged into the mobile phone by the power bank is not durable, it is virtual power, and the power of the mobile phone is quickly used up. This charging method will also damage the mobile phone battery. Reduce the service life of mobile phone batteries. To

Magsafe mobile power will not have such a problem. It adopts high-quality batteries and intelligent frequency division technology, which can adapt to the current required by the mobile phone. It is fully charged with real power, and the power is durable and does not damage the phone.

8 safety protections will escort you and let you recharge with peace of mind.

I often see news about power bank explosions. The safety of power banks is very important. Magsafe mobile power has overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overpower, overvoltage, temperature, short circuit and electromagnetic field protection, so that you can use it. Very relieved.

All electronic devices on the market are compatible: tablets, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, vivo, oppo, Meizu and other products can all be used.

It meets the wearing standards of civil aviation and will accompany intimately throughout the journey.

Although this mobile power bank is fascinating by its strength, it is undeniable that its appearance is also at a glance!

Aesthetic texture design, simple shape does not require any extra decoration, looks elegant and unique, comfortable to hold, non-slip and scratch-resistant, and the quality is impeccable.

10000 magsafe Power Bank

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